NEWS DUO Capital - A Reference in Asset Management
DUO Capital is an independent company specialized in investment and asset management solutions, founded by professionals with extensive industry experience, from origination and credit portfolio analysis to asset management and recovery.

It was after conducting a study about the portuguese market that João Boullosa, founding partner of DUO Capital, realized that an integrated solutions company would make a difference in the alternative asset investment solution in Portugal, as there were so few companies able to keep up and to provide a professional response to an institutional investor in this area. Although it was created in 2012, it was in 2013 that DUO Capital started its activity by joining two more partners to the project, Tânia Lopes and Debora Souto, who already had previous experience in the sector. “We started with five employees and managed the first portfolio of unsecured Non Performing Loans (NPLs) worth 23 million euros. Currently, DUO Capital has around 70 employees for asset management of NPLs of all types of credit, with a value of approximately 1 billion euros”, inform those responsible.

As an independent asset manager specialized in integrated alternative asset management and recovery solutions, with a strong focus on non performing loans, DUO Capital is dedicated to ensuring maximum return on business partner investments: “We support investors in the purchase of granular portfolios but also, increasingly, in concentrated risk portfolios and single names, where the analysis is no longer statistical and much more casuistic. In the latter case there are still few companies with the know-how to do so, but we are one of them. We were able to analyze asset to asset and determine their value”, they explain.

The management of Non Performing Loans with or without guarantees (Secured & Unsecured) for major international and national banks, investment means and financial institutions and, upstream, advisory service to an investor seeking to make investments in the area, are the main solutions presented by DUO Capital. “We do the pricing, perform Due Diligence and structure the operation, including negotiating assignment agreements.”


The multidisciplinary team, specialized in the management of all types of credit, comprises financial analysts, internal lawyers and credit managers, as well as human and administrative resources managers: “We are an independent company that maintains a team spirit and leverages know-how with a very careful selection of features.

We demonstrate the effectiveness and appropriateness of our management system by periodically monitoring and measuring the stated goals. We pay great attention to the performance appraisal system, because the evolution of workers has to be constant and has to keep pace with the growth of the company”, they justify.

DUO Capital defines itself as having a list of “good and stable clients”, with whom the team maintains a close relationship and communicates daily. “Older customers were pleased by all our development in technology, as well as in organization and sophistication, while maintaining this easy and close relationship typical of a smaller company.”

Seriousness, competence and maintaining a long-term proximity and trust with customers are some of the key features of DUO Capital: “Our mission is to be a company of choice in this area, to strive for improvement and to be constantly on top of “best practices”, and be a benchmark for the management of alternative assets in Portugal, especially those of greater complexity ”.


In addition to being awarded with PME Leader and Excellence 2018 distinctions, DUO Capital was also one of the 1,000 companies identified worldwide - and one of ten nationally - by the Financial Times in the 3rd edition of FT1000: Europe’s Fastest Growing Companies 2019, occupying the 212nd position in the European ranking and the 2nd position among the 10 portuguese companies, with a revenue growth of 651%.

To consolidate service excellence and the application of best practices in the market, DUO Capital is developing a project to implement a Quality Management System (QMS).

With international expansion on the horizon from the end of 2020, managers reveal other ambitious goals: “After a phase of rapid growth, we are now betting on a consolidated growth strategy. We are constantly developing our electronic platform - fully customizable to each client’s needs - and thus our analysis and segmentation tools. In this chapter we intend to be at the forefront of the sector”, they conclude.

03 August de 2019